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Waterproof, with silicone transparent soft cover. A switch can be great for turning on and off speed controls or lights on fishing boats. Not too big and well made. It has 4 contacts, which makes it possible to turn on or off two regulators at once with one click.
Also, it can be easily used in everyday life, as it is designed for voltage up to 250V.

By setting such a switch to turn on / off the equipment, in particular speed controllers, you will get rid of water ingress both into the switch itself and into the hull of the boat.
For power circuits (from a battery), it is desirable not to install such switches on radio-controlled models. Since the operating current of this switch is rated up to 20 amperes, (voltage 125-250V).

Model: GYG1402071
Quantity: 1pc
Colour: Black + Red
Material: Plastic + Brass

Power range: AC 125~250V
Current (maximum): 20A
Number of pins: 4 (2x2)
Working temperature: up to +85оС
Dimensions: 35x35x29mm
Weight: 15g

Weight (g) 15
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 35 х 35 х 29
Supply voltage (V) 125 ~ 250
Current (A) 20

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Key switch waterproof 4-pin

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