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SONY / Murata US18650 VTC6 3120 mAh 30A - high-current Japanese Li-ion 18650 batteries with increased capacity.
Sony VTC6 batteries are a newer generation of Sony VTC5 and Sony VTC5A batteries. Compared to previous generations, Sony / Murata VTC6 18650 batteries received a higher capacity (3120 mAh) and retained high current efficiency. The combination of high capacity and high current efficiency ensures maximum runtime of your device.
Li-ion batteries Sony (Murata) VTC6 30A have a flat positive contact (Flat Top).

In addition to the hobby direction, these batteries can be recommended for use in power tools, electric bicycles, household appliances, electronic cigarettes and mods, as well as in other devices requiring high current output.

Batteries are ORIGINAL - made in Japan! Supplied from an authorized Sony distributor.
We value our reputation and the reputation of our partners and do not sell fakes and/or fakes!

Specifications Sony / Murata US18650 VTC6 3120mAh 30A (80A):
Batteries Sony / Murata US18650 VTC6 3120mAh 30A (80A) li-ion
Cell type: Li-manganese, high current, 18650 format without protection
Marking: US18650 VTC6;
Datasheet: Datasheet Sony US18650 VTC6 3120 mAh 30A
Rated - 3120 mAh
Minimum - 3000 mAh
Minimum - 2.5V
Rated - 3.7V
Maximum - 4,25V
Maximum discharge current:
continuous load: 30A
short-term load: 80A
Size: 18.1mm x 65mm
Weight: 47g
Manufacturer: Sony, Japan.

Sony / Murata VTC6 18650 3120 mAh batteries are supplied from the official Sony distributor in Taiwan. Sony releases these batteries only for industrial projects (for battery assemblies), but often the number of batteries required for these projects is overestimated - so the surplus batteries are sold.

ATTENTION! SONY/ Murata US18650 VTC6 3120 mAh 30A - high-current Japanese Li-ion batteries of 18650 format do not have a protection board, therefore, they require the following operating conditions:
Do not charge above 4.25V
Do not discharge below 2.5V
Do not short circuit the battery, observe the polarity
Do not store the battery at temperatures above 45 C, keep away from fire
Avoid contact with water

After a long period of storage, it may be necessary to perform several charge / discharge cycles to reach the nominal capacity of the battery.
Compliance with the above rules will make the operation of Li-ion batteries without protection safe and productive.

Batteries are sold from 1 pc. The price is for 1 battery.

Weight (g) 47
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 65 x 18.1 x 18.1
Supply voltage (V) 2,5 - 4,2
Current (A) 30 - 80

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Battery 18650 Sony / Murata VTC6 3120 mAh, Li-Ion 3.7V High current - 30A (80A) (Original Japan)

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