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An electronic switch (RC-Switch), on-board heating with a reverse of 10A is designed to discretely switch on various devices on board the model: glow plugs (up to 2 KS-2 type plugs in parallel), BANO, winches, pumps, searchlights, lights , smoke generation systems, etc.

A feature of this device is the use of a P-channel power transistor, which allows you to switch plus power and provide a common minus (ground) of the battery, load and on-board consumers.

Dimensions (without wires): 30x14x5mm
Weight (with wires): 10 gr.
DC current: 10 A
Short-term current: 15 A
Impulse current: 30 A
External battery voltage: 1.2 ~ 15 V

The inclusion of this device is carried out through a free control channel or (in the option of a podkala) from the “gas” channel, through a V-cable, parallel to the steering machine. Parallel connection of two or more units to one receiver channel is allowed.

The device should be connected in accordance with the figure, strictly observing the color marking of the wires (red - plus, black - minus). A three-color wire with a chip is connected to the corresponding channel of the receiver. The setting button and the LED indicator are built directly into the device body.

Checking the performance and setting up the device should be done before connecting the external power battery and load. This is possible because the entire signal part of the circuit is powered directly from the receiver.

Block initial settings:  switching point - 1.5 ms, working sector 1.5-2.0 ms, non-working sector 1.0-1.5 ms. Programming is done with a setting button and controlled by an LED indicator.

To change the working sector (reverse), you should press the programming button before turning on the power of the receiver, then, while holding it, apply power to the receiver. After the indicator starts flashing, the working sector is reversed. After that, the setting button should be released.

To change the switch-on point of the module, with the transmitter, receiver and unit turned on, set the desired position of the knob on the transmitter, then press and hold the programming button. After the indicator starts flashing, the new switching point position is programmed. After that, the settings button should be released.

Observe the polarity of connecting the device to the load and external battery. When using this device as an on-board power supply, power is allowed only from a voltage source of 1.2 ... 1.5 V, the black load wire (“-” load) should be connected to the engine crankcase.

Avoid getting water, dust and fuel inside the device. You should also protect the device from shock and vibration and provide air access to cool the device board.

Weight (g) 10
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 30х14х5
Supply voltage (V) 1,2 ~ 15
Current (A) 10

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Universal electronic RC switch with reverse 10A (v 2.2)

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