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The power switch is intended for switching on-board devices,  eating  directly from the power  battery:  electric motors,  travel controllers,  lamps, etc.  Recommended  supply range  tension  matches  2-3 Lipo  elements. 

To bring the switch to the “ON” press and hold the button for   0.5 sec. Condition  “INCLUDED”   glowing green  LED.  For  bringing the circuit breaker to the “OFF” press and hold the button for 0.1 sec.
Switch  has  the “memory” effect, i.e. if the power battery is disconnected from the switch connector, and then connected back, the switch will "remember" the initial state.


1. Switching voltage: 6...15 V
2. Continuous working current: 70A
3. Short-term operating current: 300A
4. Through resistance: 0.0006 ohm
5. Temperature range: -10...+40 оС
6. Connector standard: XT-60
7. Dimensions (without wires): 37 x 24 x 9mm
8. Weight (with wires): 36g
9. Resource (number of on-off): 50000

Construction  switch is leaking, when installing   follows  provide  his  protection against ingress of dust and drops of water or fuel, & nbsp; it is also desirable to provide protection against vibration. It is recommended to install the switch in a place where it is provided with air flow.

Continuous use of this device for more than 1 hour is not recommended. When storing the model, the stabilizer (as well as other consumers) must be disconnected from the running battery in order to avoid its discharge and failure. Lithium-polymer batteries are a source of increased danger and require constant monitoring of modes and voltage levels during charging and discharging.

Type system Brushless, Collector
Weight (g) 36
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 37 х 24 х 9
Supply voltage (V) 6-15
Current (A) 70

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Power board switch SWPS-70 (70A+)

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