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The two-channel multiswitch FSW-2 “double button” is designed for separate switching of two normally open buttons of external devices, such as a camera shutter or a mode switch for sound and light modules (controlled jumpers).

Switching on and off of this device is carried out via a separate control channel. The device must be connected in accordance with the figure. A three-color servo cable with a chip is connected to the corresponding channel of the receiver. It is recommended to use the channel of the control panel, displayed on a three-position toggle switch. It is allowed to use a proportional channel with the handle fixed in the neutral position. Multiswitch outputs are connected in parallel with normally open contacts of the external switched device. Since the multiswitch outputs are made on an opto-relay, they are completely galvanically isolated from the rest of the module circuit and from each other. The polarity of their connection to external contacts does not matter.

The multiswitch circuit is powered directly from the receiver's power bus. Primary point settings are shown in fig. 1. The neutral position N can be reprogrammed later. In neutral N, the outputs of channels 1 and 2 are open. When the handle of the control panel is moved to sector B, the output of channel 1 is closed and LED1 lights up, the output of channel 2 is open. When the remote control knob is moved to sector A, the output of channel 2 is closed and LED2 lights up, the output of channel 1 is open. Adjustment points N, A and B are shifted using the programming button.

It is possible to use this module for switching low-current circuits (up to 150 mA), for example, LEDs powered by an external battery with voltage up to 20V. In this case, the connection is made in the same way as the normally open contact groups of a conventional relay.

Programming. The initial setting of the neutral N is 1.5 ms. Programming is done with a setting button and controlled by LED1 and LED2. To change the neutral position, with the control panel, receiver and unit turned on, set the desired position of the handle on the remote control, then press and hold the programming button. After the lights start flashing, the new neutral position N is programmed. After that, the setting button should be released. The positions of the switching points of sectors A and B are separated from the neutral by about 0.15 ms up and down, respectively, and are shifted simultaneously with the setting of the neutral point N.

Dimensions (without wires): 25 x 14 x 6 mm
Weight (with wires): 7 g
Load capacity (current): 150mA
Temperature range: 0 ~ +40 °С
Servo cable chip standard: HITEC/JR
Output Chip Standard: HB-02/WB-02

ATTENTION! You should avoid getting water, dust and fuel on the device board. When mounted on board a model, care must be taken to protect the unit from vibration and shock.

Weight (g) 7
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 25 x 14 x 6
Current (A) 0,15

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FSW-2 two-channel multiswitch "double button" electronic camera shutter (OPTO-relay)

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