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The receiver is designed to work with HITEC or GWS transmitters with quartz from the same companies FM 40 (Single Conversion) with single frequency conversion, PPM mode. It is recommended to install on educational and training cars, aircraft and ship models of a hobby class with an electric drive.
It is allowed to install this receiver on models with internal combustion engines. The receiver should be powered by 4...5 cell Ni-Cd batteries, or from the BEC system of the corresponding travel controller.

The receiver has improved performance compared to the base model MH6, which is ensured by the presence of UHF, which allows it to be used without range limitation, as well as an external local oscillator that ensures the operation of the receiver with reduced activity quartz.

Carrier frequency: 40 MHz
Intermediate frequency: 455 kHz
Sensitivity (no worse): 5 uV
Bandwidth (not worse): 10 kHz
Dimensions: 41x29x16mm
Weight (no more): 20 g
Connector Standard: Graupner / JR / Hitec / Futaba / IGVA
Product class: HOBBY
Number of channels: 6
Antenna length: 1000mm

The operation of the receiver with a shortened antenna is not recommended (the reception range is reduced). The receiver should be installed in the model in a vibration-isolating container made of foam rubber or foam rubber (regardless of whether it is installed on the ICE model or not).
After installing the quartz, it should be fixed with a strip of adhesive tape.
The travel motor of the model must be equipped with an interference suppression system, the receiver antenna must be located at the maximum distance from the power wires and the engine. The ingress of dust and water into the receiver is unacceptable.

Weight (g) 20
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 41 х 29 х 16
Supply voltage (V) 5

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Receiver IGVA R-FM-6H 40MHz

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