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This multifunctional device is installed on board the model and connected to a free active channel of the receiver. Carries out the function of on-board power control (three levels of discharge):
- level 1 - below 4.2 V (frequent single "beeps"),
- level 2 - 4.2...4.4 V (single "beeps"),
- level 3 - 4.4...4.6 V (rare single "beeps").

The device also indicates the absence / violation of the input signal with double "beeps".
To switch to the model search mode, turn the knob of the corresponding transmitter channel to the position of the minimum length of the channel pulse (1.1 ms or less). In this mode, the device emits triple beeps.
When connected, the device is tested (makes a single "beep").
Number of tested NiCd batteries: - 4;
Temperature range: - 0...+40°С;
Operating voltage: - 4...5.5 V;
Setting accuracy: - 0.05 V/cell;
Current consumption (no more): - 30 mA;
Overall dimensions (without wire): - 34 x 12 x 12 mm;
Weight (with wire): - 5.5 g

Warning: The device must be protected from vibration, dust, moisture and fuel.

Weight (g) 5,5
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 34 х 12 х 12
Supply voltage (V) 4 - 5.5
Current (A) 0,3

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Siren (sound alarm) for model search + on-board power control

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