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This module is part of the system of electronic modules for the bait boat and is a device installed on board the boat and performing the following functions:
- control of marker lights with stepwise adjustment of the brightness of the glow (7 gradations of brightness);
- turning on/off headlights, with the ability to connect to the appropriate outputs of drivers with LEDs up to 5 W;
- blocking of the rear marker lights during the unloading of the bunkers and on the side of the unloaded bunker (optional, by an external signal from the module product code: 207005).
The external view of the module from the side of the connectors is shown in the figure. The signal part of the module is powered and controlled from the receiver bus via a servo cable. The power part of the module is connected to a power battery (lithium-polymer 3S, lithium-ion 3S or lead-acid 12V) using a power cable.

To control the module on the control panel, it is necessary to select a proportional channel without returning to the neutral - “twist”. It is allowed to use a three-position toggle switch, but in this case, the ability to adjust the brightness of the dimensions will not work. All settings in the module are hardwired, no additional programming of the device is required.

For normal operation of the module, make sure that the corresponding channel on the control panel provides the required duration of the channel servo pulse (from 1 to 2 ms). The zone for adjusting the brightness of the side lights corresponds to a channel pulse of 1.3-1.6 ms, the full brightness of the side lights is 1.6-2.0 ms, the headlights are turned on - 1.7-2.0 ms. To implement the optional function of blocking the rear marker lights while unloading the bins, this module should be used in conjunction with the module (product code: 207005) by connecting them with a cable.

Connectors with the sign “*” duplicate the corresponding connector without such a sign (thus, connectors 5 and 5* are completely equivalent) and are used when it is necessary to connect additional lights, for example, side lights.
The module is supplied as an assembled board with installed connectors for connecting patch cables. The cables themselves are not included in the delivery set of the module and must be purchased separately or made independently.

To connect the module to the receiver, you will need an HB-03 connector or a cable. To connect the module to the battery (see the polarity in the figure above), you will need an NK-02 connector or a power cable. 6-10 HB-02 connectors are required to connect the LED headlights and position lights. Since the length of the light cables is not known in advance, they must be made by yourself. When self-assembling the light cable, it is necessary to install a current-limiting resistor with a nominal value of 620-680 Ohm and a power of at least 0.25 W in series with the LED. When using 1-5W LEDs for headlights, an LED driver should be installed instead of a resistor. A special cable is required to optionally connect the parking lights blocking function when unloading the bunker.
For self-assembly of cables, you will additionally need servo connectors and mounting wires.

When operating the device, observe the polarity of the power supply. Polarity reversal leads to the failure of the device without the right to subsequent warranty repair or replacement. The device must be protected from vibration, shock, water, fuel and dust. Self-coating of the device board with moisture-proof varnish is allowed. In this case, the connectors should be protected from varnish.

Supply voltage: 9 ... 14 V
Switching current: 2 A
Control pulse: 1.0 ... 2.0 ms
Weight: 6 g
Dimensions (without wires): 33 x 30 x 8 mm
Temperature range: 0 ... 40 оС
Number of control inputs: 1
Number of LED outputs: 10
Weight (g) 6
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 33 x 30 x 8
Supply voltage (V) 9 - 14
Current (A) 2

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Lighting module - Headlights and dimensions control

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