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A set of dimmable headlights can be installed on any kind of models  - AIR, SUDO, AUTO.
This device consists of two bright multi-chip white narrow-angle LEDs and a control unit with a servo cable. The servo cable is connected to a free channel of the receiver. It is desirable to use an appropriate proportional control channel on the transmitter. This will allow you to set any of the ten levels of brightness of the headlights (from 0 to 100%).

When using a control channel with a three-position toggle switch, it is possible to adjust the brightness of the headlights to the following modes: “off”, “dipped beam”, “high beam”.
To control the brightness of the glow, the device uses pulse-width modulation.

The power supply of the device (4-5 NiCd batteries or WEIGHT 5/6 V) is carried out directly from the power bus of the receiver via the same servo cable. Consider headlight consumption when choosing a power battery or WEIGHT.

The design of the unit is leaky, so you should avoid getting moisture and dust into the unit. The unit should be installed inside the model case on a strip of double-sided vibration-damping tape.


Weight (with wires): 8.5 g
Overall dimensions of the control unit: 20 x 8 x 5 mm
Overall dimensions of the LED: 30 x 11 x 11 mm
Operating current, no more than: 160 mA
Supply voltage: 4.5 ... 6.0 V
Length of LED cables: 2 x 150 mm
LED diameter: 10mm
The number of gradations of brightness of the glow: 10
Servo pulse duration: 1.0 ... 2.0 ms
Temperature range: 0 ... +40 оС
Connector Standard: HITEC / JR

Weight (g) 8,5
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 30 х 11 х 11
Outer diameter (mm) 10
Supply voltage (V) 4,5 - 6,0
Current (A) 0,16

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Light module LMC1-2AB (dimmable headlights)

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