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It is intended for obligatory installation on collector electric motors. Serves to protect the equipment from interference produced by the brushes of the electric motor.
One electric motor must be installed 3pcs. anti-interference capacitor.
Installed between the motor housing and each terminal, as well as between the terminals themselves.

Material: multilayer ceramic, metal
Capacitor capacitance: 100nF, (0.1uF, 100pF)
Maximum voltage: 50V

Code product: 923853

Weight (g) 0.1
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 3
Supply voltage (V) 50

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Anti-interference ceramic capacitor for electric motors 0.1uF 50V 104 (3pcs)

  • Brand: Китай
  • Product Code: 923853
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  • $1.00

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Tags: Anti-jamming, capacitor


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