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The case is collapsible (not glued) made of high quality fiberglass(!) tested by time and customers.
Brushless power system motor + speed controller.
Two side independent bunkers for unloading bait and tackle. Clearance lights and signaling devices for unloading bunkers, head bright light (all on / off remotely). A telemetry sensor for power battery voltage and receiver voltage is installed on board (data on power battery voltage and receiver voltage are displayed on the control panel). Possibility of unloading bait and tackle at the same time from two hoppers with one movement of the toggle switch on the equipment, or each separately (with a potentiometer). Possibility of unloading bait by a path.
Brass (eternal) propeller, propeller and rudder protection - stainless steel. Deadwood is also made of stainless steel with a built-in original lubrication system (special injector included).
Smart charger for all types of batteries.
Capacious, freshly assembled from Japanese SONY / MURATA Li-ion batteries 13 Ah 3S / 5P 11.1V battery. The operating range of radio control equipment on the water is ~450 meters (possibly more).
FAILSAFE system (failsafe) - if the control signal is lost, the boat turns off the propulsion engine, sets the rudder to the center position, closes the bunker (if it was open) and goes into standby mode for the control signal. In other words, your boat will not "run away" from you anywhere. to the distance, if any failure occurs in the transmission of the control signal.

Gathered with soul, for your comfortable fishing!

COLLECTORLESS SYSTEM (speed model "Hobbit-M")
Motor / Speed Controller: 1000 KV / 120A
Body Material: Fiberglass
Coating: Gelcoat
Dimensions: 590x340x245mm
Total weight (with battery): ~ 3.4 kg.
Battery: Li-ion 11.1V - 13000 mAh (13 Ah)
Smart charging: Universal (all types of batteries) ability to charge the battery from a car
Side lights: On/Off remotely
Headlight: On/Off remotely
Bunker unloading alarm: Yes
Remote control : Flysky 10Ch, + 10Ch receiver with telemetry, (power battery voltage data is displayed on the remote control)
Control range: ~ 450 meters guaranteed, (possibly further)
Propeller: 3-bladed (brass)
Propeller and rudder protection: Yes (stainless steel)

Everything you need is included!

Type system Brushless
Weight (g) 3400
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 590 х 340 х 245
Material Fiberglass + gelcoat
Supply voltage (V) Li-ion 11.1V - 13000 мАч (13 Ач)

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Speed boat for fishing, two bunkers (fiberglass body)

  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: RC-BOAT-ХТ-М04
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  • $400.00

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