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Inexpensive autopilot for carp boats. Producer Ukraine.
Fits on fishing boats that are equipped with a FlySky i6 remote control (only). For the autopilot to work, a flashing of the console is required.

What this autopilot has:
1. Easy operation
2. 30 groups (reservoirs) of 10 points
3. Adjusting the speed of the boat in autopilot mode (in real time, via VRA)
4. Control of dimensions and head light
5. Light indication when opening bins
6. Emergency return to the home point when the connection is lost
7. Indication of the level of charge of the power battery of the boat

Weight: 50g.
Size: 55 x 40 x 12mm
Included: autopilot board, wires for connection, gps module.
Also, after paying for the goods, a link for downloading the firmware of the control panel will be available in your account.

The smoother the boat sails without rudder correction, the smoother the autopilot itself floats. The design of the autopilot is not hermetic; during installation, it should be protected from dust, drops of water or fuel, it is also desirable to provide protection against vibration. It is recommended to install in the upper part of the boat, and install the GPS module in the direction of the arrow up as close as possible to the bow of the boat.

It is not recommended to use this unit in bad weather or when the number of satellites is less than 8. When storing the model, it is necessary to disconnect it from the running battery in order to avoid its discharge and failure.
Lithium-polymer batteries are a source of increased danger and require constant monitoring of modes and voltage levels during charging and discharging.

The price is for the autopilot itself, without installation and technical support. Choose the option you need.

Video tutorial on setting up the autopilot:

Video instruction for management ():

Type system Collector, Brushless
Weight (g) 50
Dimensions (LхWхH) (mm) 55 х 40 х 12

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Autopilot DAPA (for carp boats)

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